Saint Augustin Thai Food Restaurant; Seoul, South Korea

Saint Augustin Thai Restaurant


Saint Augustin Restaurant Review 



When I think of Thailand I think of Paradise. I think of escaping a dreary Seoul winter. I think of  lazy days spent lounging on white sand beaches, sipping fresh coconuts topped off with Sang Som, riding elephants, and discovering some of the most stunning views I could ever dream of. But above and beyond, when I think of Thailand I think of their dynamite food!

I love living in Seoul, but one thing Korea lacks is tropical beach destinations. During cold months this sun worshiper longs to relive the sites, smells, and sweet memories of Thailand.  A great Thai dinner always puts a smile on my face, as my belly gets full of delicious food while simultaneously filling my head with cherished memories.


Recently I was invited to try Saint Augustin Thai Restaurant in Myengdong’s  M-Plaza. Saint Augustin has franchises throughout Seoul. They have an extensive menu of Thai dishes with their signature dish being the Poo Phad Phong Kari “fried soft-shelled crab in yellow curry.”

The restaurant has good ambiance, with posh décor, an attentive wait staff and nicely plated dishes, which makes for a sophisticated dining experience (quite the contrast from many of the meals I ate  in Thailand on plastic benches with wobbly tables located in alleyways).

Saint Augustin Thai Food Restaurant; Seoul, South Korea

Saint Augustin Thai Food Restaurant

The food does not resemble the street food your might remember from a backpacking trip through Thailand, but has been refined to match the atmosphere of the restaurant. Dishes come in large portions and are perfect for sharing.   Menu prices start at 18,000 won for noodle and rice dishes and 29,000 won for main courses.  Set lunch specials are also available.

My friend joined me for this outing and we had a fun night full of house red wine, decent food, and good conversation. Our waiter introduced us to the menu and made recommendations based on the restaurant’s most popular dishes. We followed his advice and began our meal with an appetizer of Thai Shrimp Dumplings (9,000).

Thai Shrimp Dumplings

Thai Shrimp Dumplings with Chile Sauce

For our main courses we ordered the Poo Phad Phong Kari (29,000) and Goongyai Pad Thai (18,000). I really enjoyed the Poo Phad Phong. The crab was delicate and fresh tasting with egg in the curry sauce.   The Pad Thai was not one of the best I’ve had but well made with light sauce and perfectly cooked noodles. I was impressed by a large prawn that accompanied the Pad Thai but found the taste a little fishy.

Poo Phad Phong Kar

Poo Phad Phong Kar

Thai Food

Saint Augustin

Overall, we had a lovely dinning experience. Was it one of my favorite Thai dinners in Seoul? No and I would be more likely to choose a more authentic place in the future with more affordable prices.

Saint Augustin

Thai ‘Fusion Asian Food’

2.5 out of 5 Stars

27, Myeongdong 8-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 중구 명동8길 27 (명동2가)

Directions: Myeong-dong Station, line 4, Exit #6 Turn left and walk down the main street.  You will see M-Plaza 200m on your right directly after Forever 21.



**M-Plaza also houses Seoul Tourism Organization where they offer many wonderful services including tourism information, traditional craft classes and a hanbok photo experience free of charge!

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