Seoul’s Filipino Market


Happy Market Monday, where the first Monday of each month we highlight a different market in Seoul!


One of my favorite trips I’ve taken in Asia would have to be the Philippines. Whenever I am struck with memories of the trip I can’t refrain from grinning ear to ear. The friendly people, out of this world beaches and amazing food are just some of the things I love about the place!


Luckily, I can have a little taste of the Philippines every weekend in Seoul. Seoul’s Filipino market happens every Sunday in Hayehwa. From 12-4 the streets outside exit one are transformed into an open-air market filled with Filipino food, sundries and cooking supplies. Here you can find many everyday Filipino items like sweet mangos, coconut mixes or items as rare as durian and duck fetuses.




There are currently over 7,000 Filipino expatriates living in Seoul. The market was originally established to ease homesickness for Filipino nationals living in Seoul. However, it has expanded and now people of all kinds, living in Korea, enjoy attending. It is easy to see the markets popularity by the big crowds that visit each weekend.


20140504_145506 20140504_145611

Visit this market with an appetite. If you are lucky enough to find a seat at one of the food stalls, you can feast on authentic dishes including pork adobo, lumpia (egg rolls) and pancit (glass noodles). Food is fresh and delicious! Prices range from 1,000- 6,000 won. A Filipino lunch wouldn’t be the same without a coconut juice or San Miguel, also offered at the market.

 When: Sunday 12-4

Directions: Subway Line 4 Hyehwa Station, Exit 1. Walk straight toward Hyehwa Catholic Church. The market will be on your right.



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