Volunteers needed for SIWA Bazaar

Call for Volunteers to help at the SIWA Bazaar: It’s never too late! This is the perfect opportunity to step forward. SIWA will have many activities going on where you can help, and it’s fun. You may choose to: . support logistics with set-up; . guide visitors to the free parking areas; . sell raffle tickets; prepare gift bags; . distribute flyers; assist our vendors; . help with translations; and . clearing up (much appreciated) for storing any items after the event.You may volunteer either Nov 4 (set-up day) and/or Nov 5 (Bazaar day)Student volunteers will receive a Certificate that can be presented to their course coordinator.Contribute your ideas, enthusiasm, time and effort to help us bring about this very important event – join the fun, join the SIWA team. Be part of one of the largest International charity events in Seoul this year: the SIWA and the Diplomatic Community Bazaar.
 Join it’s easy – RSVP online at: http://siwapage.com/classifieds/volunteers-wanted-to-help-during-siwa-bazaar/ORPlease contact Ingrid Peeters, our Bazaar Chair for additional information at: volunteers@siwapage.com

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