Yeouido Hangang Park

Wow is it hot out in Seoul right now!  It is the perfect time to head to Yeouido Hangang Park.  The park is located on  Yeouido island.  Once here you can stroll along the Bridge of Life. Samsung created the Bridge of life (also called the Mapo Bridge) in order to discourage suicide attempts.  The bridge is interactive, containing sensors on the guardrails that light up as you walk by and offer encouraging words.  An example is “The Best is yet to come.” There are even jokes . The bridge has a zone with images showing happy children, couples and grandparents. Physiologists worked suicide prevention activists worked together to create the bridge. 

Once you take in the beautiful view from the bridge walk down towards the river and you will find the park.  The area contains a water play area running almost half a mile.  There are great places to set up tents and picnics and enjoy a day on the grass.  The infinity pools are a beautiful and fun way to stay cool.   The deepest part of the water goes up to adult’s knees.   Admission to the park is free.

Yeouinaru Station. Subway Line 5. Exits 2 or 3

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